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Superfast broadband expands in to Cheshire West

19 out of 20 homes can now access fibre broadband in Cheshire West after a successful rollout with help from the Connecting Cheshire partnership (including BT, UK Government and the European Regional Development Fund). Over 85,000 homes and businesses have now been given access to speeds of at least 24Mb.

Ed Vaizey, the Digital Economy Minister, said: “We are transforming the digital landscape of the UK and our nationwide rollout of superfast broadband has now reached an additional three million UK homes and businesses. I congratulate Connecting Cheshire on having reached this milestone in Cheshire so far – they’re making incredible progress.”

Mike Blackburn, BT regional director for the North West, said: “I am delighted that we have hit the original target of providing fibre broadband to 80,000 homes and business premises across Cheshire.

“BT’s multi-billion pound investment in superfast broadband through its partnerships, including Connecting Cheshire, and its own commercial programme has already made fibre broadband available to more than 23 million homes and businesses nationwide and the number is continuing to grow rapidly. Our engineers are rolling out the technology at a world class pace, reaching thousands more premises every week.”

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