Openreach cuts wholesale fibre prices to incentivise broadband providers to upgrade bases

Openreach today announced an incentive for broadband providers to upgrade their residential and business customer bases to superfast broadband (fibre-to-the-cabinet) and ultrafast broadband (fibre-to-the-premises), otherwise known as full fibre.

The plan is being launched to encourage the UK’s providers to upgrade the majority of their customers on to higher speed services, using the incentive of price discounting, within the next five years.

Clive Selley, CEO Openreach, said: “We’ve invested more than 11 billion pounds into our network over the last decade and whilst that’s helped the UK become a global digital leader, there are still millions more homes and businesses that could benefit from the better broadband infrastructure we’ve built.

“This offer is a win/win for Communications Providers, their customers and Openreach. It will help Britain’s homes and businesses to experience the benefits of faster and more reliable broadband. And it will incentivise our wholesale customers to participate in our long-term investment in digital infrastructure by upgrading more of their customers to superfast and ultrafast services.”

The new wholesale prices will be available to communications providers from 21st August. Superfast fibre, with download speeds of 24Mb or more, is available to 28 million premises that sit on the Openreach network but just over 35% have it installed. Currently just 3% of the UK lines sit on ultrafast full fibre with speeds of 100Mb or more.

The news comes a day after the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport announced ambitious targets for full fibre rollout. Read about the DCMS proposal

Openreach is continuing with its Fibre First full fibre rollout programme bringing ultrafast broadband to 3 million UK premises by 2020, 10 million by 2025 and potentially the majority of UK properties by 2033 – Read about the Fibre First rollout

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