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Cambridge Fibre to bring 1000Mb services to the county

A new full fibre provider is rolling out 1000Mb broadband services in Cambridge and Ely.

Cambridge Fibre is offering the new service to businesses and homes across the county, part of the UK Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Co-founder of Cambridge Fibre, John McEleney, said: “High-speed internet connections are only as good as the networks they rely on. Existing broadband services in Cambridge and Ely, even those claiming to be 'fibre' broadband, are still built on the outdated copper cabling, which is why so many people experience slow and lagging connections despite upgrading their packages.

“When companies offer fibre broadband, it is only installed up to the local street cabinet, and not directly into the home or business. These local connections, or last mile delivery, rely on the aging copper networks and this is the Achilles’ heel: the further broadband travels on copper the slower the speed whereas fibre delivers the same gigabit speed if it is 20 metres or 20 kilometres. The massive jump in speed and reliability, which Cambridge Fibre is delivering, can only be achieved by building a completely new network.”

“Our Gigabit TrueFibre service connects businesses and homes to the network in a completely new way. By starting from scratch and laying new fibre optic cabling end-to-end, we are building a connection that delivers broadband 40 times faster than high-speed broadband.

“Our full-fibre network is fully future-proof; although we are focusing on gigabit (i.e.1000 Mbps) services initially, our fibre is already capable of delivering 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps broadband services. All of these higher speeds will be available through the fibre we are installing today.

Fibre infrastructure rollout is becoming more competitive as the UK Government focuses on UK-wide full fibre connectivity by 2033. Read more about National Infrastructure Commission report

Vodafone was in the news recently with the connection of Gigafast 1,000Mb customers in Milton Keynes, where the operator is currently testing in advance of larger deployment in the city. Read about Vodafone Gigabit broadband

CityFibre has been working away in Aberdeen, targeting 1m connected homes with speeds of around 900Mbps. Read about CityFibre full fibre

Openreach’s ongoing Fibre First full fibre rollout programme is set to bring ultrafast broadband to three million UK homes and business by 2020, hitting the 10 million milestone by 2025 and with the overall aim of connecting the majority of UK properties to the network by 2033 – Read about the Fibre First rollout

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