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Free Return Flight to Europe with Sky this Summer

Sky are running a fantastic offer giving new customers a Free Return flight to Europe with with broadband and fibre packages. It’s a super sizzling summer offer from Sky and is available on Sky fibre and Sky broadband packages without TV.

So what’s the deal? As a broadband comparison site it’s hard to add all the detail so here it is. The small print for this deal excludes TV packages so you have to get Sky fibre or Sky broadband, both include line rental and Sky Talk packages.

For the flight it is a free return flight with the value of £100 for one person from a UK airport to a European destination, excluding the UK, so no internal UK flights. You can buy another flight as you complete your order, so you have £200 for 2 x return flights to Europe, this will cost you £89 to buy the second flight, so you don’t have to travel alone if you don’t want to. The extra £89 is paid when you finish your Sky order.

To take advantage of this offer you can check out the qualifying Sky Fibre and Sky broadband deals on our broadband comparison site and when you complete your order there’ll be a registration code given to you, once that’s confirmed and registered you’ll be able to book the flights. However if you cancel your broadband or fibre package your flights will be cancelled too.

The special offer for Sky fibre and broadband runs until July 19th so visit the Sky site here to place your order.

If you’re not sure if Sky fibre is available in your area then just pop your post code into our fibre broadband comparison site and we’ll check what offers are available to you based on your post code


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