Plusnet launch fixed price contracts and end of contract reviews

Plusnet have today launched fixed price contracts, with broadband and line rental costs fixed for the duration of the minimum term of the contract. The changes will apply to customers signing up to a new contract, re-contracting or shifting package.

The move to fixed price contracts will provide customers with more certainty around their ongoing monthly broadband and phone line costs, with the risk of mid-contract price rises removed.

For broadband-only contracts the fixed price is only applied to the broadband monthly rental and excludes add-ons. For broadband and line rental customer contracts the fixed price is applied to the broadband and line rental monthly costs, but excludes calls plans, call charges, TV services and add-ons.

Customers who take up the new fixed price contract that subsequently move house may be allowed to choose a new broadband and phone tariff and enter a new fixed price contract, or potentially be eligible to migrate the existing fixed price contract across to the new home. If a customer moves home during the initial minimum term of the contract and move from a low cost area to a non-low cost area (and vice versa) then the new contract price will apply upon completion of the move. Plusnet’s Line Rental Saver option, where annual line rental fees are reduced by paying for the year upfront, is included as part of fixed price contracts.

Plusnet have also announced that customers approaching the end of their fixed price contract will receive an end of contract reminder and a personal account review.

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