Newcastle City Council

Newcastle city council proceeds with plans for smart city

Newcastle City Council has started the search for a technology partner to help it realise its plans for a major smart city programme to include parking, air quality, traffic congestion and council services such as smart bins. The ambition is that Newcastle can become a world leader in using digital technology to transform the city using digital sensors and data.

Joyce McCarty, the deputy leader of Newcastle City Council said: “Newcastle is a city that faces forward, embracing change. For us, technology is all about possibilities. Our plans will pave the way for Newcastle to be a pioneering city and accelerate our digital revolution.

“We have strong foundations in place – with our national reputation as the leading destination for the digital sector, the partnership with Cisco to have the UK’s smartest street, as well as developing talent within this field with our outstanding educational and research facilities.

“But I believe there is more we can do to go further, faster and more dynamically which is why I am seeking a technological partnership with an organisation to help us put these ambitions into actions.”

Nick Forbes, the Council leader, said: “Being a smart city and a digital city is not just about having jobs in the tech sector. It is about how we use that to drive forward with new innovations, new ways of tackling old problems, and new ways of connecting people to each other and the city they love.

“This is an exciting journey for Newcastle and I know that we are very keen to build on the work from the Great Exhibition of the North to do more and position Newcastle as a world leader in how digital services and big data can transform a city.

“It feels to me that we are the right size city to be able to do this innovative work.”

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