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National Infrastructure Commission report calls for UK full-fibre rollout by 2033

The National Infrastructure Commission expects the UK to be full-fibre by 2033, with 25 million homes and businesses connected to the new network by 2030. The report confirmed the UK government is committed to publishing a National Broadband Plan in the first half of 2019.

Full-fibre, known as Fibre-To-The Premises, removes the existing slower copper wiring connecting homes and businesses to the green street cabinets and allows for a much faster experience.

The report said:, “The UK already has a strong digital economy underpinned by an extensive broadband network. But the superfast broadband programme that delivered this is coming to an end. While current digital connectivity is enough for current needs, demand for data is rapidly increasing; superfast broadband may not be sufficient for the future.”

"Full fibre broadband is the likely next step in digital connectivity. It is more reliable and cheaper to maintain than today's part copper, part fibre broadband connections.

But it will take at least a decade to build nationally. Government needs to make a decision on full fibre now to avoid the risk of the UK being left behind in years to come,"

A copy of the report can be found here:

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