Broadband in Wales

From-super slow to superfast - Welsh villagers dig own superfast broadband trenches

Villagers in Michaelston y Fedw left frustrated with super slow broadband have taken the matter in to their own hands by digging miles of trenches allowing them to install superfast fibre-optic cabling.

The small population of just 300 people volunteered to do it themselves and were rewarded with vastly improved fibre broadband. Villagers paid in about £150,000 of their own cash whilst they obtained £100,000 from EU funding and also from the Access Broadband Cymru scheme.

The big dig came about after villagers found themselves complaining to each other in local pub about the state of broadband in the village. A year later over 300 villages are now enjoying 1,000Mb fibre broadband.

Earlier this week the National Infrastructure Commission highlighted the risks posed by underinvestment in superfast broadband in rural areas of the UK, suggesting the Government should step in to help fund fibre installation where private operators are not prepared to due to unfeasible installation costs.

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