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CityFibre brings 1Gb full fibre build to Aberdeen

CityFibre has commenced its full fibre rollout in Aberdeen as part of its partnership with Vodafone.

The work targets a delivery of full fibre to 1 million premises by 2021.

Allan McEwan, CityFibre’s City Development Manager, said: “We’re at a really exciting stage of our fibre-to-the-premises roll out in Aberdeen as the build work gets underway. This investment comes at a key time for the city. Aberdeen rightly has a global reputation as a leading energy centre, but the recent downturn highlighted the urgent need for diversification. In this increasingly digital world, full fibre infrastructure beneath our streets will play a critical role in underpinning this process and delivering the city’s ambitions.

Full fibre will allow the city to be more innovative and more productive, while attracting inward investment and boosting the local economy for generations to come. And it won’t just improve business at home – it will also help businesses take their products or services to an international audience.”

Neil Blagden, Vodafone UK’s COO, said: “Residents of Aberdeen will no longer need to settle for slow, unreliable broadband.”

“It will give home broadband speeds of around 900Mbps – about 20 times the current UK average”

Vodafone was also in the news recently with the connection of its first Gigafast 1,000Mb customer in Milton Keynes, where the operator is rolling out to 50 test premises prior to a wider deployment. Read about Vodafone Gigabit broadband

Openreach is continuing with its Fibre First full fibre rollout programme bringing ultrafast broadband to 3 million UK premises by 2020, 10 million by 2025 and potentially the majority of UK properties by 2033 – Read about the Fibre First rollout

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